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The difference between us and other recruitment companies is actually quite simple.
We spend more time. Upfront.
We invest our hours in learning about your challenges, your goals - discovering what type of candidate will help you best.
And then we discover what you really need, then we can find it. For you.


We’ve got connections that count.
Through our own deep expertise within biotechnology, pharmaceutical, CRO and medical device industries, we’ve established long term and collaborative relationships .
Relationships that are as rare as hens teeth.


Our process is wholly dedicated to people, rather than ticking boxes, or meeting aggressive KPIs.
And because of our access to outstanding talent in these specialist areas, clients can expect a quality short-list of matched candidates.
We vet them for you. You don’t have to wade through 25 resumes which actually don’t meet your brief.
You only see the ones that match the brief, and fit the culture. It works for us. It will work for you too.

Why we are better

Getting the right skills on your team, with the right cultural fit, is as important to us as it is to you.
Everyone says it.
But we mean it.

Our integrity is second to none

This is not a short term game for us. We are here for the long haul.
Which is why we want to work with other like-minded businesses - those who believe in honest and transparent comunications.
Those who apply high ethical standards across the board. Like we do.

We only do things properly

The ethical and legal regulations that govern the recruitment industry are there for a reason. To protect you, and to protect us - so we follow those regulations to the letter.
Our standards are above and beyond any you have experienced before. Because we are committed to delivering the best of the best to your business.

We love this industry

Our business is all about you and yours. Dedicating our experience, our networks, and our industry knowledge for your benefit. And because of our depth of knowledge, we know how to uncover the type of candidate who may just be your next great hire.

We actually are experts

Because we are experts, we know how to manoeuver though the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sectors.
These industries can present complexities that standard recruitment approaches just can’t effectively address.
That’s why tapping into our experience is so beneficial to clients in these spaces.

Highly specialised disciplines

Our network and expertise allow us to respond quickly and effectively to your staffing needs.

Clinical Research
General Management
Medical Affairs
Research & Development
Quality Assurance
Regulatory Affairs


  • Executive search
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contract recruitment/ Interim Management
  • HR Consulting

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