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We recruit for contract and permanent roles across a number of number of specialist industries

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Industry Networks Group is a boutique recruitment agency that specialises in providing recruitment and HR services across a number of industries

Our team is committed to finding the right people for your business, with the niche skills you require. Our strength lies in our technical specialisation. If you’re looking to fill a key technical role in any industry, whether contract or permanent, we can assist with proven recruitment solutions.

Permanent recruitment

Industry Networks Group recruits highly skilled technical experts for a variety of roles across the life sciences and engineering sectors.

Established to provide recruitment solutions for both SME’s and large global corporates throughout Australia and New Zealand, Industry Networks Group has a vast amount of specialist experience in placing the right candidate in the right role.

Our ability to identify candidates with the ideal skills, cultural fit, behavioural characteristics, performance and technical expertise is the reason customers value our services, and we’ve made comprehensive and methodical recruitment processes the cornerstone of our business.

Contract recruitment

Looking for people with specific skills for a project or defined contract period? Industry Networks Group can reach thousands of life science and engineering contractors to meet the challenge of peak demand or new projects. Partner with us if you need to flex up with contract staff.

When it comes to contract and casual positions, our reach extends to both active job-seekers (those who check websites like Seek every day) and passive job-seekers (via head-hunting).

If you have a fixed-term project requiring a number of specialists, we are experienced at assembling high-volume teams of skilled contractors.

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